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Become a member in 3 Steps!


  1. Fill out the membership application.

  2. Pay your membership fee of $100 + the $50 one-time initiation fee.

  3. Wait for the official acceptance.


After the approval from the Board of Directors, you will be notified of your membership status. If you are not approved, your $150 will be refunded to you.


If you are accepted as a member of the Erie County Home Builders Association, you must agree to abide by the constitutions, its bylaws, and all amendments.


In the event your membership is terminated, you agree to immediately discontinue the use of our emblems, insignias, and like representations.

Step One

Membership Application

Thank you for applying to be a member! One of our members will be in contact with you shortly.

Step Two

Step Three

Thank you for applying to be a member! You will be contacted shortly.

If you have any questions, email

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